De Workout

Sport infrastructures are finally open again after a year of being closed due to Covid-19. To most of us, this means we no longer have to work out in our living rooms, somewhere between the couch and the coffee table. This means we can finally go back to the gym and as usual ESN has suggestions: the Journalism Committee went to investigate and the gym you are looking for is De Workout! 


This gym is in the city centre in three locations: one on the beautiful canal of the Oudegracht, the second on Breedstraat and the third is near Pijlsweerd. All locations make a post snack workout easy! 


We went to the first location and were amazed by the extremely interesting architecture that enables this gym to have a multitude of smaller rooms with different purposes. If you tend to dislike working out in massive gyms where everyone can see you, this is ideal. This gym was built in the old wharf cellars which makes it very private, spacious but luminous. 


De Workout offers private or group workouts, fitness, pilates, spinning, step, personal training, free weights and a bootcamp in addition to autonomous workouts like any gym, so anyone can find their happiness amongst this large range of choices.  They also offer different student prices because accessibility is important for the owners and staff. And our personal favorite was the sauna of course! There is nothing better than a nice sauna session after a long workout  and an even longer day to relax.  Additionally, they offer many healthy drinks and snacks that will help you recuperate. 


Our favorite part of the gym was the kind and welcoming staff that showed us around. Sanne, one of the managers, revealed the history of this peculiar gym. It is one of the first to open in the Netherlands and has been open for over 40 years! It is family owned and the family works in it which favors a very personal and homey feeling.  


Another aspect we particularly enjoyed was the consideration for mental health as well as physical health that was emphasized by staff. They pay attention to your needs and wants, and welcome anyone to come to the gym, no matter what shape they are. Staff and the owners agree that there should be no shame in coming to the gym, something some of us have felt going to gyms over the years. From having worked out in multiple gyms, we know it is hard to find people that care and that will put your health both physical and mental first and foremost. 


We don’t think De Workout is just a gym, it’s also a place of comfort, of challenge and most of all, a place to take care of yourself. Don’t we all deserve that after a long pandemic?

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