Experience Utrecht through your stomach!

Your Exploration Guide for Food and Drinks in Utrecht


Now that Covid-19 is becoming part of our lives and life slowly returns to normal, it is time to enjoy a few drinks, some good food, and creative snacks with your friends again. If you are a new student in Utrecht and want to know some places to check out, we have created a little list that includes everyone’s tastes. So, enjoy exploring the cuisine that Utrecht offers, and who knows where you end up being a regular customer. 


Music and Good Vibes:

You and your friends feel like listening to good music and chilling with some drinks and food, but not necessarily feeling like going partying? Then here are our options for you: 

The Rum Club has the perfect tropical vibe with music and a shared diner that you cannot miss out on in Utrecht. The vibes, the interior design, and the food really do transfer you to a tropical location. But don’t forget we are still in the Netherlands, so don’t get too disappointed when leaving the restaurant and the sun is not shining. Just one more tip: a reservation for the weekend is needed.  

Lebowski is a great student bar right at the Domplein with vibes that are just full of happiness. And don’t forget to check out the uncommon interior objects of Lebowski; it is a must to look out for the stuffed fox, the wall of doll heads, and trust us, your eyes will catch on the giraffe. 

Are you looking for a fun night with friends and extravagant shots? Then Chupitos is the best place for you and your friends. The menu includes 250 shots, so good luck trying out the colourful shots. But always keep in mind: drink responsibly. 


Italian food is just a classic and never a wrong decision to go out for dinner/lunch. Even the city of Utrecht cannot have enough Italian cuisine. So if you and your friends are craving some great Aperitivo, pasta, or pizza with some fresh Aperol Spritz, you should try out Fusto d’Oro right at the Oudegracht. It’s a smaller and laid-back restaurant, compared to the famous Ill Pozzo across the canal; however, you should totally not miss out on their great dishes for affordable prices. 

You can also visit San Ciro where you will get a taste of authentic Italian cuisine and wines.

Do you love pizza as much as we do? Yes, every kind of Pizza is excellent, even Dominos and frozen pizza, but if you are looking for authentic Italian pizza Vegitalian is your go-to place. The yellow-painted restaurant has great Margherita pizza and more uncommon pizzas such as a Fig & Balsamic Pizza and the Kale 6 Artichoke Pizza. 


Utrecht is pretty beautiful and cozy, especially the unique Oudegracht canals; in the early past, they were used to store resources. Nowadays, the Oudegracht is used for shops, offices, and, most importantly, restaurants with a unique cozy feeling. We can’t get enough of the different restaurants/bars in the Oudegracht, and you shouldn’t either!

Beers and Barrels is a unique restaurant where you can tap your own beer. In terms of food,  if you are a fan of juicy burgers and meat, this is another restaurant you cannot miss out on.


‘T Zusje is the perfect combination of Dutch traditional interior design and Spanish tapas. If you are wondering, yes, it is a restaurant chain, but no other location can top our Oudegracht. 


A Sushi date is always a great idea, so practice your chopstick skills and visit Sushi Koi Utrecht. Here you can choose from 77 different types of sushi, so your heart will definitely be fulfilled. Not to forget, we hope your chopstick skills are present as well at Tiger Mama. Tiger Mama is a sushi restaurant that offers a 10-course meal that will fill you completely.


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