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Five Great Dutch Dishes

In this article, we will tell you all about the five best Dutch dishes!



Stroopwafel – considered one of the best Dutch sweets ever and a significant symbol of the Netherlands, the stroopwafel is a quite thin and round waffle, usually filled in with diverse syrup flavours. A stroopwafel is made of two layers of sweet-baked dough; according to the Dutch culinary folklore, stroopwafels were firstly baked during the 18th century in Gouda, the South of the Netherlands.



Bitterballen – probably one of the most favoured and classic Dutch snack bars, these bite-size meat-based snacks are quite famous in the Netherlands and often appreciated by visitors. Bitterballen consist of a thick brew made with roux mixture and beef stock and abundantly filled with meat, refrigerating the stew up until it solidifies, and then shaping the thick mixture into balls that are floured and afterwards fried. The famous Dutch dish is often believed to be invented in the 17th century, when the country was occupied by Spaniards and the wife of a pub owner in Amsterdam modified the Spanish recipe of the dish and served it with beer to inhabitants.



Poffertjes – are basically tiny, fluffy yeasted treats prepared in a special Poffertjes pan. This kind of Dutch pancakes may be filled with a range of savoury ingredients such as jams, fruit syrups, a piece of chocolate and cheese that is grated. They are served on plates made of paper with plastic forks and a solid layer of butter and cinnamon sugar on top. Ingredients include milk, yeast, universal flour, powdered sugar, salt, and an egg. Poffertjes are traditionally made with buckwheat flour and universal flour in equal parts.



Oliebollen – also known as the famous Dutch donuts that are usually consumed before, on and right after New Years Eve. Oliebollen have a reputation for being a celebratory sweet treat. Long time ago, Dutch immigrant were credited for bringing Oliebollen to the United States and the whole continent of America. The current, worldwide known typical donut, that has a hole inside, is the new formula of traditional Oliebollen. When it comes to the recipe, Oliebollen are quite easy to cook. Flour, milk, eggs, water, vegetable oil and sugar are the most important ingredients you should get before starting cooking.



Stamppot – a national Dutch dish worth eating while studying in the Netherlands. Stamppot is a straightforward and unassuming dish, consisting of potatoes, that can be mixed with a variety of vegetables. In the end, this dish can be toped with smoked sausage creating a successful flavour combination, however, the vegetarian recipe of Stamppot excludes the extra smoked sausage. The traditional Stamppot makes use of ingredients such as: potatoes, vegetables, sausage, garlic, butter, milk and seasonings (pepper, salt, bay leaves).

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