Useful Apps in The Netherlands

Are you going to live in the Netherlands? Or are you already living there? We suppose you want to live in an efficient and convenient way! Good news! You can do this by installing only a few apps on your mobile phone!

Some information can be needed fast, for example when we want to know how long the rain still goes, or which trains have been canceled! In these situations, these apps are super useful, as well as in other general situations.

Please check out the 5 apps below!



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Of course, it’s the Netherlands and there are many rainy days, especially in the winter. Even in other seasons, we can encounter sudden rain while walking outside without an umbrella or a rain jacket… In order to avoid getting wet outside, Buienradar can tell you when it starts or stops raining and how hard the rain intensity will be with the visual radar, so that you can find the exact place you are located at and see the specific weather information about it. This app also provides information about temperature, wind, sunrise/sunset, forecast for 2 weeks, and even traffic! You can also personalise the app by setting alerts as you want, or read the articles about Dutch weather. It’s a perfect weather app, isn’t it? Buienradar is also available on the website, but it is definitely faster and more convenient to have the app on your mobile phone!



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9292 is a transportation app that is widely used in the Netherlands. Using this app, you can search for the best route to reach your destination. You can search with various filters, such as the address, the name of the station or building, the postal code, and so on. Moreover, you can see the price of the ticket on the result page, which is really useful to plan your journey in terms of cost! E-tickets are available on the app if you want, but it would be better to buy an OV-Chip Card and use it by topping-up, because it is cheaper and more convenient. For all the details of the card and transportation in the Netherlands, please check out another article as well by clicking here.

There are also other transportation apps such as NS or Google Maps. NS is also convenient, especially when you get on trains. Please be noted that NS allows you to purchase only the train ticket, not the bus ticket. If you have a personalised OV-Chip card, NS would also be a good option: you can connect the card and the NS app, then get discounts, see the balance, etc.


Uni-Life App

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Do you want to join workshops or any other activities held by local organisations? The Uni-Life App would show you various great opportunities! By taking a bit of time to register for it, you can explore many events, student organisations, interesting news about student life, and so on. For example, you can get second-hand household goods for free, you can join sports activities such as rugby or yoga, you can get small plants for free, you can talk to someone with similar interests, you can draw pictures, you can join symposiums, you can go to explore the Dom tower… as you can see, there are so many activities taking place in Utrecht, and the Uni-Life App will help you find the suitable and interesting events for yourself. It will show you a list of activities for almost 2 months from the day, which is helpful for you to set your schedule beforehand. 

In the app, you can choose your favorite topic to filter the events. Or, when you find organisations that are interesting for you, don’t forget to follow them so that you won’t miss out on the events held by them!

Especially in the beginning of the academic year, there are some opportunities to join the organisations as a member/staff or volunteer. It would be a great chance to make friends. Don’t hesitate to join and make your life here more and more wonderful!



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You may want to hang out with your new friends here and split the bill, go shopping, or  save money. In these situations regarding payment, the ABN AMRO App would be the nice one for you! 

On the ABN AMRO App, you can create your account by an easy process on the Internet (you can also open your account by appointment, if you want) for free! After creating your account, you can also get the physical debit card to use in your daily life, and internet banking. The balance and every transaction can be seen on the app.

Are you also an international student? Then make the most of it, using the Student Package of ABN AMRO! The Student Package includes a free savings account – which is important to protect your account from any scammers – or extra insurance policies at a discounted rate. Deposit insurance scheme can get your money back even if you cannot meet the obligations for having accounts. You can find more details about Student Package here.

In the Netherlands, Dutch people mainly use Tikkie to split the bill. Although payment can be done without a Dutch bank account, requesting money is only available for those who have a Dutch bank account, so having your ABN AMRO account sounds better!


Too Good To Go

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Always and everywhere, the budget for food could be quite a lot. Also we want to reduce food waste… If you agree with this, Too Good To Go would be a perfect app for you to solve both issues at the same time!

By using this app, you can get “Surprise Bags” with good food from nearby restaurants, cafes or supermarkets, at lower prices than the original. After your confirmation of purchase, all you need to do is go to the place to pick it up! Now, you can get delicious food in the Surprise Bags without paying a lot, and can save the food at the same time! Reducing food waste is important: 1) it is equivalent to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than that from airplanes, 2) 2.5 billion tons of food are wasted every year, though 828 million people are suffering from hunger every day, and 3) wasting food costs human 1.2 trillion US dollars every year (for more details and original source, click here).

It is time to save our budget and the entire earth… by utilising apps such as Too Good To Go! There is also an article showing how to save money in the Netherlands, so don’t forget to check it out as well!

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