Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board of 2023/24

ESN Utrecht is run by approximately 100 committee members and an Executive Board consisting of five full-time members. The board runs ESN Utrecht on a daily basis and you can find us during office hours at Princetonplein 9, Utrecht. You can also call us during office hours on +31 30 253 8781, or get in touch with us via either email or Facebook.

The Executive Board of ESN Utrecht 2023-2024 has been constituted as follows:

President – Marc Ferriggi

Secretary – Lara Schmitz

Treasurer – Sebastian Ghiveci

Partnership Manager – Başak Aras

Communication Manager – Chloe McIntyre

Integration Co-ordinator – Lotti Verschuijl

Supervisory Board

ESN Utrecht also has two supervisory bodies: the Finance Committee and the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board keeps an eye on the overall progress of ESN Utrecht as an organization and checks if the Executive Board is functioning well. The Supervisory Board consists of former board members of ESN Utrecht and meets with the president and vice-president on a monthly basis.
During the academic year of 2023/2024 the Supervisory Board consists of:
Ilona Gacic
Evi Rongen
Annelot Margo Bulten
Fons Röttgering
Eva Laura Winter
Pit Albert

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is the second supervisory body of ESN Utrecht. Every income and expense of ESN Utrecht is checked by the Finance Committee. Additionally, this committee provides support for the Treasurer whenever something is unclear regarding finances. They meet once a month to check everything finance-related and receive an update from the Treasurer on the financial status of ESN Utrecht.

In the academic year 2023/2024 the Finance Committee consists of:

Steijn van Doorne

Esther Loef
Zarah Fleitz
Dianne Wolfsen
Fons Röttgering
Emmylie Issel
Tom Hartgers

Previous Executive Boards

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