Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board of 2022/2023!

ESN Utrecht is run by approximately 100 committee members and an Executive Board consisting of five full-time members. The board runs ESN Utrecht on a daily basis and you can find us during office hours at Princetonplein 9, Utrecht. You can also call us during office hours on +31 30 253 8781, or get in touch with us via either email or Facebook.

The Executive Board of ESN Utrecht 2022-2023 has been constituted as follows:

President – Laura Winter

Secretary – Rose Özüm

Treasurer – Emmylie Issel

Partnership Manager – Steijn van Doorne

Communication Manager – Pit Albert


Laura Winter

Laura is the President of ESN Utrecht this year. As President, she is responsible for the organisation of the board, contact with the higher education institutes and representing ESN Utrecht on behalf of the board. She is also responsible for the board’s policy plan and is coordinating the President’s Council and the Social Inclusion Committee. Furthermore, she is the local representative for this section on a national level for ESN the Netherlands. Laura studied Physics in Munich. She came to Utrecht for an exchange semester in February this year and immediately fell in love with our beautiful city. She joined the ESN Introweek and, since then, many more activities. Because she had such a great time, she decided to apply for the board! In her free time, she loves having good conversations over coffee or dinner. When the weather is good, you can mostly find her outside enjoying the sun. She also loves doing yoga, going swimming or running! She is very excited about the upcoming year and looking forward to meeting you all! Feel free to contact her if you have any questions! Her email is [email protected].


Rose Özüm

Rose is the Secretary of ESN Utrecht this year. Rose was born in Zwolle, but grew up in Zaandijk, Zaandam, Heerhugowaard, Bilthoven, and Utrecht. Rose studied English Language and Culture at the University right here in Utrecht and hopes to be able to do her masters here as well. She went on her own exchange last year to Dublin where she discovered her love for the international community. For any tips and to-do’s there feel free to ask her all about it! In her free time, she likes to read (you kind of have to if you study English literature) and plays many games ranging from The Witcher to Zelda to the Sims. She also claims to be a huge Marvel fan so for any topic or debate concerning that you’ll know who to talk to! Rose also climbs in her free time at the Klimmuur here in Utrecht Zuilen, so if you are looking for a climbing buddy you can always ask her. She also loves to paint, experiments with cooking, obsesses over dragons, writes poetry, and holds movie marathon nights! For questions always feel free to email her at [email protected]


Emmylie Issel

Emmy is the Treasurer of ESN Utrecht for this year. As the Treasurer she is responsible for the financial side of ESN Utrecht by keeping the bookkeeping up to date, regulating the ticket sale and making sure all payments and invoices are sent and received in time. Next to that, she is also responsible for the annual budget that needs to be prepared at the start of the year. Apart from these financial matters, she also coordinates two great committees: the Career Committee and the Activities Committee. Further, Emmy also organises the Dutch Language Course. Emmy got a first taste of international life when she went on high school exchange to the US in 2016. Last year she came to Utrecht as an exchange student ad joined the Introduction Week Committee and the Internal Events Committee. She had such a great time that she decided to pause her studies and join the board of ESN Utrecht. After the board year she will finish her degree in environmental and sustainability studies in Germany. In her free time, Emmy likes to go running, works as barista and is a real coffee nerd. If you have any questions about financial matters, want to grab a coffee or if you just want to have a chat send an email to [email protected].

Partnership Manager

Steijn van Doorne

Steijn is the Partnership Manager of ESN Utrecht this year. He is responsible for maintaining relationships with our current partners, and he is responsible for the acquisition of new partners. Next to this he also coordinates the Party Committee, Culture Committee and the Introduction Committee. He joined ESN Utrecht as a volunteer for the Activities Committee last year and enjoyed our association so much that he applied to become a board member. Outside ESN, Steijn plays rugby in Utrecht and just finished his Master’s degree in International Relations and History. In his free time, he likes to watch sports, hang out with friends or simply watch a movie. You can contact Steijn via [email protected] if you ever have any questions about our partners or if you just want to have a chat!

Communication Manager

Pit Albert

Pit is the Communication Manager of ESN Utrecht this year. He takes care of all our social media channels, online and offline promotion and marketing. He also coordinates two committees – the Promotion Committee and the Journalism Committee. Pit is 24 years old and originally from Luxembourg, but has studied abroad in Germany and Canada, before coming to Utrecht to pursue his Master’s degree. He joined ESN last year in November and became part of the Promotion Committee, where he attended many events and made awesome aftermovies about them! Pit then decided to apply for next year’s board, as he wanted to pursue his passion for filmmaking and combine it with the other aspects of communication. Besides videography, Pit is a very sporty person and enjoys going for a run or playing basketball. He also started playing the guitar a while back. If you have any questions about our socials, about cameras or anything else, feel free to send an email to [email protected]!

Supervisory Board

ESN Utrecht also has two supervisory bodies: the Finance Committee and the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board keeps an eye on the overall progress of ESN Utrecht as an organization and checks if the Executive Board is functioning well. The Supervisory Board consists of former board members of ESN Utrecht and meets with the president and vice-president on a monthly basis.

During the academic year of 2022/2023 the Supervisory Board consists of:

Lucie Šanderová (President)

Frank Barten

Lindy Beuk

Annelot Bulten

Fons Röttgering

Evi Rongen

Joris de Rooij

Ilona Gačić

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is the second supervisory body of ESN Utrecht. Every income and expense of ESN Utrecht is checked by the Finance Committee. Additionally, this committee provides support for the Treasurer whenever something is unclear regarding finances. They meet once a month to check everything finance-related and receive an update from the Treasurer on the financial status of ESN Utrecht.

In the academic year 2022/2023 the Finance Committee consists of:

Tom Hartgers (President)

Cecilia Catanzano

Fons Röttgering

Theresa Fleitz

Esther Loef

Dianne Wolfsen

Previous Executive Boards

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