The 5th of May is a very special holiday for the Dutch people, as they are celebrating the end of the German occupation in 1945. The day before this one is called National Remembrance Day, celebrated each year on the 4th of May, and is fully dedicated to remember all soldiers and civilians that died during the Second World War. 

The Liberation Day marks the celebration of freedom, and the fact, that sadly there are many places in the world where this is not the case. The Dutch word for this special day is “Bevrijdingsdag”. A fun fact to know is, that only once every 5 years, this day is an official day off, so a national holiday. This year the Liberation Day is again a national holiday, which means that everyone has an official day off.

On this day, Dutch cities across the whole of the Netherlands host various events for everyone, which also include Liberation festivals “Bevrijdingsfestival”. The talented people performing on these events are different, well-known Dutch, but als international musicians. If you want to check out a beautiful performance from two years ago watch this emotional youtube video.

But sadly this year, due to the coronavirus, all events connected to the celebration of the Liberation Day have been cancelled. Now we wanted to give you some ideas on how to celebrate the Liberation Day at home:

  • You can still reflect on the fact, that you live in a country of freedom and maybe share your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #liberationday
  • You can sit together with your housemates or family members and raise a glass to celebrate this special day
  • You can look at the liberation day traditions of other countries (a good example for this is the following article
  • You can check out the beautiful performance in Italy a few days ago.