Walking is hot! In a time in which life mostly revolves around your laptop, getting some fresh air every now and then can help you feel better both physically and mentally. Under the current regulations, it is allowed to go for a walk either by yourself or with one other person, between 4.30 AM (only for real morning people) and 9 PM. So what are you waiting for? We found some great routes, some relatively short and others more challenging. Time to put on those hiking boots!

Canal walking tour (2,6 KM)

Who doesn’t love the wonderful canals in Utrecht’s city center? This short walking tour takes you past the major highlights of the inner core of the city -- from the Oudegracht and Vismarkt to the City Hall, Winkel van Sinkel, the Neude, Janskerkhof and the Singel. An absolute classic! Bonus: plenty of cafés where you can get a coffee or hot choc to-go!

Overvecht and Fort Blauwkapel (6,6 KM)

This walk starts and ends at Overvecht station. It is a 10 minute walk to Fort Blauwkapel. Along the walk there is a church which was built in the 15th century. This church was surrounded in 1820 with a canal and ramparts. Fort Blauwkapel is one of the first bigger forts that form the Dutch ‘Waterlinie’. To walk this route, follow the hiking nodes 63, 64, 24, 22, 21, 41, 39, 38, 37, 28.

1 → Park de Watertoren (Moezeldreef). This pleasure ground has many different activities to offer. Don’t forget to look at the actual ‘Watertoren’. This tower was built between 1934-1935 and was used to store water. At the moment they are thinking about what they can do with the tower.

2 →  Ruigenhoek (St. Anthoniedijk 120). This place is perfect for a walk, a cycle or a picnic! A lot of people enjoy the area while they use the skatepark, soccer- or basketball field. The trout fishing pond is one of the first trout ponds in the province of Utrecht!

Between point 2 and 3, enjoy the beauty of nature.

3 → Fort Blauwkapel (Kapelweg 10). This is one of the biggest forts of the Dutch Waterline. This Waterline consists of a series of water-based defences. The chapel is called Blauwkapel which results in the Fort Blauwkapel. This Fort was built between 1818-1821 and has a quadrangular shape with a bastion at each corner.

Utrechtse Heuvelrug (17,0 KM)

This one is perfect for a small weekend getaway from the buzz of everyday life. Its starting point is only a 12-minute bike ride away from the Science Park. Besides a wonderful opportunity to see the beautiful nature of this national park, it also has plenty of monumental sights to see! The history of this area dates back centuries, and you can still observe the forts and luxurious establishments that seem to have resisted time.

Some attractions that you’ll spot along the way:

1 → Fort Voordorp. Just like the Fort Blauwkapel, this monument belongs to the Dutch Water Line and now is national heritage.

2 → The beautiful nature of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug! Feel totally relaxed and revived after seeing the pretty forests and lakes!

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