The current situation of Covid-19 has been bothering many of us; not only are we currently not able to go out partying or shopping. Along with that, continuing an active life is a challenge itself, without the gyms or sports clubs open. Even though the options are limited, there are quite a few ways to keep an active daily routine! Home workouts are a brilliant and easy way to stay active, you don’t even need professional gym equipment such as dumbbells. This article will hopefully help you gain motivation to start working out at home. It includes some examples of daily activities, different types of home workouts as well as a professional home workout routine for you to try out.

The Wide Selection of Workouts

Staying active and healthy currently is a challenge; not only are the gyms and sports clubs closed, but it’s also cold outside. Who wants to go out jogging or biking when it’s cold and rainy weather? Yet you can still be active inside! Even daily activities such as using the stairs, cleaning, and yes even cooking for yourself are small steps to continuing being active. Furthermore, as mentioned, home workouts are an easy and fun way to stay fit. And there are many different kinds of workout, which include bodyweight, yoga, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), boot camp, and even dancing workouts. Especially because of Covid-19 the internet is full of different workout routines suitable for everyone. Thus, workout routines can be found on platforms such as YouTube and Nike Training. Additionally, the local gym De WorkOut offers professional workout routines on their Facebook page. Lastly, as much variety of workouts there is, sometimes doing a workout alone can be pretty boring, so why not get yourself a workout buddy, such as your housemate or friend.


Warming up is important to get the blood flowing and get the body temperature up. This helps to prevent injuries and get your mind and body ready for the workout. For the warm-up you are going to do the exercises that are shown in the chart below. The goal is to carry out these exercises without any rest in-between. When you have done all of them you will take a 60-second rest and repeat it 2 more times.

The Main Workout

Of course, it’s possible to make the workout heavier by adding weights. You can use common objects such as a bottle of water or a bag of rice.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don't let the current situation bring you and your fitness down. We hope that this article inspired you to get some new motivation. So let’s get ready to be active! And once the lockdown loosens up why not continue your new healthy lifestyle by joining our local partnership gym De WorkOut and get some great discounts (over 25%) on a membership.

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