De Stijl Cycling Route (10 km – 1 hour 30 minutes)

100 years ago, the Stijl art movement revolutionised architecture. One of the people who joined this movement was Gerrit Rietveld. He was a famous Dutch furniture maker and architect. His red-blue chair and Rietveld Schröder House became world famous. Get on your bike and discover the world of De Stijl.

-          Start at Domplein with your back to the tower and cycle left past the Domchurch straight into Voetiusstraat. Turn left at the intersection (Achter St-Pieter). Take the first right (Keistraat), straight ahead at the canal (Drift). Turn right at the busy intersection (Nobelstraat becomes Lucasbolwerk). The canal on your right (Lucas Bridge is crossed almost unnoticed) is the old city canal. Turn left at the traffic lights.

-          Keep right after 100 meters (Wittevrouwensingel / Kruisstraat). Turn right at the end and immediately left into Bekkerstraat. Take the second street to the right (Palmstraat). Take the second street to the left (Poortstraat). Take the first street to the right (Ooftstraat). Halfway along this street is the birthplace of Rietveld on your right (house no. 14). 

Gerrit Rietveld was born on the 24th of June 1888. His father was a cabinet maker. His workshop is at Poortstraat 98. Several years later, the family moved to this address. After primary school, Gerrit started working at his dad’s. In 1911 he married Vrouwgien Hadders and they moved to Ooftstraat 23.

-          At the end of the street, turn right (Oude Kerkstraat). Cross the Biltstraat at the end and turn left. On your right you will immediately pass house no. 423; the home of Truus Schröder-Schräder. After house no. 473 turn right and immediately keep left (Oorsprongpark). At the end, follow the roundabout for three quarters, cross the railway line and turn right into Ramstraat. At number 12 you can see the houses of Houtzagers.

The female artist Truus Schröder-Schräder lived with her family at Biltstraat 423. Rietveld and Schröder worked together: Rietveld designed her room which would lead to a close cooperation and in the end a relationship. P.J. Houtzagers is the designer of the ‘eclectische herenhuizen’ at Ramstraat 2-16 and 23-27. Rietveld followed lessons from Houtzagers and learned about architecture and styles.

-          Continue cycling through Ramstraat. Just before the end, turn right, via asphalt road past the church (Oudwijk). Keep right at the end (Wilhelminapark). At the roundabout, take the fourth street to the right (Wilhelminapark). After 50m keep right, via parallel road Wilhelminapark. Keep right at the end and take the first right (Julianalaan). Cross the street at Julianalaan 10 and walk around the block of houses along the sidewalk, then turn left past the water (Rembrandtkade), where after 25m you can admire the driver’s house on the other side of the water. 

Julianalaan 10 looked the same as the other houses when built, but in 1927 Rietveld designed the new frontage and roof. The new design was very innovative at the time. At Waldeck Pyrmontkade 20, Rietveld built a driver’s house. He used prefab components. The trial wasn’t very successful: the roofs were leaking and the steel frames were drafts.  

-          Go back to the main road, then turn left (Adriaen van Ostadelaan). After 150m turn right at the large Rietveld chair (Bosboomstraat). After the hospital, turn left (Burg. F. Andreaelaan). Go straight on at the traffic lights (Mesdaglaan). Take the second street to the left (Breitnerlaan). Keep right at the end (Breitnerlaan). House numbers 9 and 11 show house Muus and house Theissing. Optionally you can go to the right of house no. 9 via a footpath to the Kromme Rijnpark, from where you can see the houses and the Rietveld bench.

The interior of house Theissing is typical for Rietveld’s work: the walls can slide away, creating one large space.  The Rietveld Bench has a good view of the houses. From this spot you can clearly see that there is a lot of glass used in both houses. This ensures a lot of light and a maximum view of the park.

-          Continue on Breitnerlaan. Turn left at the end (Israëlslaan). Turn right at the end and left at the traffic lights (Adriaen van Ostadelaan). After 200m, turn left a bit into the Ferdinand Bolstraat for the furniture workshop. Continue the Adr. Van Ostadelaan. Take the second right (Jan van Scorelstraat). Take the second right (Hobbemastraat). At the end, turn left and first right (Frans Halsstraat). At the end turn left (Laan van Minsweerd). At the end turn right under the viaduct, where you can see the artwork ‘Sitting in Blue’ on your right.

Between 1917 and 1924, Rietveld’s workshop was located at Adriaen van Ostadelaan 93.

-          Turn left immediately after the viaduct. Right at the beginning of Erasmuslaan where you will see ‘Het Nieuwe Bouwen’. Go back under the viaduct and cycle straight on past the Rietveld Schröderhuis (immediately on your right, Prins Hendriklaan). Go straight into the park. Follow the main path straight ahead. At the end, keep right, then third right at the roundabout (Burg. Reigerstraat). On your right you will see the houses of Klaarhamer at no. 80-84. Klaarhamer was the teacher of Rietveld.