It’s one of those early days or nights: you’re very hungry, totally not feeling able to cook, perhaps hangover,  maybe after one of those famous ESN parties , your body is screaming for a lot of calories and you’ re desperately looking for a place to fulfill those needs… Do not panic, we can help you out! Utrecht has a lot of great places where all your food dreams come true. Here’s the top 5:

  1. Mehtap, Lombok. Here you can buy the best Döner for only €2,50! The people are always smily, even if it’s 6 in the morning and their restaurant is a total chaos.
  2. Huzur, Amsterdamsestraatweg. Despite the fact that it is not very cosy inside, the food is delicious. Important tip: make friends with the staff, you can close smart deals about discount.
  3. Gyros, Lombok. This is a very weird but special place: Chinese and Greek food in a mainly Turkish and Morrocan neighborhood. The Souvlaki is like magic!
  4. Polleke, Korte Jansstraat (close to the Dom). For a Dutch vegetarian snack: cheesesoufflé. Watch your tongue, you’ re going to burn it.
  5. Falafel City. It’s just close to the pubs.
  6. Ten Beste. This is one of the favorite places of many of our ESN friends. After a night in Poema, you can get whatevery you are feeling like here. If it is Döner, fries or a broodje Kroket, at Ten Beste they will have it for you!

IMPORTANT. To remember and never forget: Ein Döner macht schöner!

By Anna Verkuijlen