While studying abroad, among the other priceless possibilities that lie before you, the
chance to make lifelong friends from around the world is one of the sweetest. Afraid to end up all alone and wondering how you get those friends? Fortunately, many people are interested in new friends, just like you. So heads up, find them and show that you are one of them!

As the Intro week is at its apex, it can be nice to remind to all of you who just arrived – and why not, also for you long time Utrechters or Utrechters-wannabe like who’s writing – why choosing this city as your destination was possibly the best life choice you could have asked.

So, you made it, you’re going to Utrecht!! You’re excited and ready to have a blast. But chances are you haven’t shared a house or a room with other people for a few months to a year before- especially not with people you don’t know and with backgrounds potentially vastly different to your own. Perhaps you haven’t even lived away from your family yet.