It’s one of those early days or nights: you’re very hungry, totally not feeling able to cook, perhaps hangover,  maybe after one of those famous ESN parties , your body is screaming for a lot of calories and you’ re desperately looking for a place to fulfill those needs… Do not panic, we can help you out! Utrecht has a lot of great places where all your food dreams come true. Here’s the top 5:

When moving to a new country, one of the first points on most people’s to-do list is trying national food specialties. Although the Dutch are not known for their cuisine, there are a few must-tries when you live in the Netherlands.

Have you heard about or perhaps already tried the typical winter dish Boerenkool but you have no idea on how to cook it at home? ESN has the secret recipe to cook the old-Dutch Boerenkool that will get you through the cold winter months! The other good news? It’s not expensive at all!