Besides all the great ESN activities and parties (and the Dutch events), you are all here for another purpose: studying. As you probably did not have time to study (or just tried to ignore it), it is now really the moment to sit down behind those books. But where do you do that? Everybody knows about the university librarys on the Science park or the Drift, but with the exam weeks these places can get really busy and you'll have to get up early to find yourself a study spot. Even more so, the coffee isn't great and the atmosphere can be depressing.

Spending an exchange semester or your whole degree abroad is one of the most exciting and valuable moments during your life. You will inevitably create many close-knit friendships, but the question is, how to retain them when you return to your home country?

Before you leave to go on exchange, you read all of the articles, and you talk to those around you who have been on exchange themselves. Everyone says it’s the greatest time of your life, and there is nothing to say that it won’t be, but this can also create an immense amount of pressure.