You may be living in Utrecht but how much do you really know about the important women that lived in this city? Who are the women who preceded the many female students in Utrecht? This article looks at two prominent women that studied in Utrecht. 

we want to enlighten you with knowledge of the city you live in – just some random facts you can tell people at a party. We already solved several mysteries of Utrech. The next one is also something we were very curious about: what’s the deal with that statue of a woman (or is it an angel?) on top of TivoliVredenburg?

Every time,  one graffiti has caught my eye and I always wondered what it meant... it is the image of a sort of gnome. And it's not just one artwork, there are more of them around the city. I was puzzled and I decided to investigate and thus I found this 'graffiti hero' called KBTR.

Once I was making my way down through the Oudegracht in direction to Ledig Erf and I you found some peculiar letters written on the stones of the sidewalk. I was so intrigued that I decided to solve this mistery! Follow me on this journey through The Letters of Utrecht!

Have you ever been caught speeding on the road? Or wondered why orange is the national colour of the Netherlands and what does it have to do with carrots? Well, the Dutchies made some important contributions in the fields of art, technology, engineering, and many more, but to find out more, keep reading!

This blog article will be a time capsule back in Utrecht's history. These are some of the few highlights of the historical timeline of our magnificent city, so keep reading to find out more facts entwined with its rich history!