My father visited me last week, so I wanted to do something that was special to Utrecht. I haven’t had a chance to climb the Dom Tower, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do it.

You might pass or cross the Oude Gracht every day and you may love it for its little terraces and restaurants, but you might not know that much about the Oude Gracht. Like the Dom Tower, it is just part of the image of Utrecht: the Oude Gracht is supposed to be there, it was always there and you can’t think of it in any different way. 

Oh how much do I love the tiny city centre of our Utrecht, always busy as a bee. Students on bikes working one’s way through the shopping crowd, flower sellers barking their best prices and the gypsy street musicians providing the streets with music. Still, sometimes you crave for a quick get-away to catch some breath. Lucky enough, Utrecht has some hidden gems left for you!