This year’s Communication Manager is Ilona. She is responsible for all social media and promotional materials, which means that she is in charge of all the brand managing and marketing. Apart from that, she is also the coordinator of the Promo Committee and the Journalism Committee.

Ilona is 22 years old and she is from the Netherlands. Before joining the board, she finished her Bachelor’s degree in Law at Utrecht University. She is planning to continue her studies after her board year, by starting her Master’s degree in Intellectual Property, Innovation and Technology. During her Bachelor’s, she went on exchange to London for one semester. This is where she got in touch with ESN for the first time and experienced what it is like to be an international student. After she returned, she joined the Culture Committee at ESN Utrecht, to help international students have the same amazing experience in Utrecht like she had in London. And what better way to do that than to join the board this year?

In her spare time, she enjoys painting, cooking and working out from time to time. She is also specialized in making loads of cheese boards (and making sure everyone sees them on her instagram stories!!), and loves to spend time with her friends and family!

Feel free to contact her if you have any questions, if you'd like to chat all about instagram and marketing strategy or if you'd like to hear some tips on creating amazing cheese boards! Her email is: