Update November 17, 2020

  • All physical events are cancelled for the time being.
  • Our office remains open but only to pick up your physcial copy of your ESNcard.
  • During the restrictions, ESN Utrecht continues to host some online events. Stay up to date here!

General Information from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) of the Netherlands is applying the following measures in the whole country:

  • Always keep a distance from others (at least 1.5 meters). Also at home: have a maximum of three visitors and keep the distance even then. 

  • Cafes, restaurants and bars are closed.

  • From the 1st of June on, it is obligated to wear a non-medical face-mask in public transport. If you do not wear a face mask in public transport, you risk a fine of 90 euros.

  • Wear a facemask inside public places.

  • Retail stores have to close at 20.00 and shopping evenings will be cancelled for the moment.

  • Alcohol cannot be sold between 20.00 and 07.00, and it is also not allowed to consume it in public spaces.

  • No audience at sports events. In addition, sport canteens are closed.

  • For the so called 'flow through locations' (museums, libraries, stores, the zoo), reservations have to be made in a timeslot and there is a maximum number of visitors. The maximum number is determined by the region.

  • Working from home is the norm: work at home, unless it is really impossible.

  • Inside places (like the cinema), there is a maximum of 30 people.

  • Inside and outside, a group can consist of a maximum of four people from different households.

  • For contact professions, like barbers, dentist and in cafes/restaurants/hotels, customers have to be registered.

  • It is suggested to travel as little as possible!

The measures are based on the advice of experts.

For all the information, and to prevent you from misinformation, we suggest you to visit the website of the RIVM.

Stay all safe and healthy! 🧡