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ESN Utrecht Cantus UIT

ESN Utrecht – Cantus UIT Edition!

Hello everyone!

Are you ready to dive into Utrecht’s student life? Then make sure to join our Cantus UIT Edition! Bring your friends and have an amazing night singing along to the best party songs and have a few drinks! If you’re new to Utrecht and you don’t know what a Cantus entails, just check out our description below!

In summary:
What? Cantus UIT Edition
When? Tuesday, 15th August 2023 (19:45-22:30)
Where? Club Poema, Drieharingstraat 22, 3511 BJ Utrecht
Gathering? 19:45
Prize? 5 EUR

But what is a Cantus?
A cantus (Latin for singing) is an activity that is organised by student organisations in multiple countries. It involves singing songs together as a group and having drinks at the same time. Two so-called seniors guide the participants through the evening and make sure that they stick to certain rules, such as drinking with the right hand and having your booklet with the song lyrics in your left hand. If a participant does not stick to the rules, they are in risk of obtaining a challenge from the seniors. At ESN Utrecht, we always provide non-alcoholic alternatives during our cantus’ and the challenges are not mandatory if someone doesn’t feel like doing it. At the end of the day, it’s about having an awesome evening together with your friends!

If you have any accessibility needs, please reach out to us! We advise you to wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet during the event. There will be a safety person during the event. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, please inform them!

See you there!

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