You've probably heard the rumours, and yes they are all true it is almost time for the LEGENDARY BEER CANTUS! You already have experienced it during the introduction week, if not here's what it is all about: Free beer and singing our hearts out!

Being one of the most popular activities among students in the Netherlands the beer cantus is something you can't miss out on and to make it even better the Party Committee wants to give you an impression of the Dutch tradition that is the King's Day celebration, so this cantus will be completely ORANGE style. Cause you know... if it aint Dutch, it aint much.

We have been sooooo excited to present to you this semester's beer cantus and it will be awesome. We will be filling your bellies with free beer until 23.00 while we sing our hearts out, and remember try not to get caught breaking the rules, cause you will get punished beer cantus style! 

Afterwards you're of course more than welcome to stay and join the party in Club Poema during the ESN Night.

The tickets sales will start on Monday the 9th of November.

Practical information:
When: November 17th
What time: from 20.30 until 23.00
Where: Club Poema
Dresscode: Orange
Tickets: 5€.

Come by the Office to get your ticket and be quick, because you do not want to miss this event!

Much love from the Party Committee

17/11/2015 - 20:30