👋 Connect with new people from the comfort of your home 👋
Have a meaningful evening with fellow internationals and share stories about living abroad!
DATE: 12 November
TIME: 20:00-22:00
MEETING LOCATION: online on Zoom!
SIGN UP: Please fill in this form
ATTENDEES SHOULD: Download Zoom & Bring an object/picture that you think someone from outside your culture has never seen before and you want to discuss
Connecting in Diversity
How is living abroad going for ya? Have you had a lot of crazy fun experiences? Was it difficult at times? We want to know!
Connecting in Diversity is an engaging event to share experiences and connect with your fellow internationals living in Utrecht! We have an expert guest speaker ready to start off the event by sharing their expertise. Afterwards, we will discuss your view on things different and share stories about being an international. We want to give you a discourse on how to consort diversity by discussing the topic among peers. It’s the ultimate event to connect and make new friends!
We want to create an open environment to discuss topics about diversity and living abroad. Don’t hesitate to take part in the discussion!
Please bring an object or picture that you think someone from outside your culture has never seen before. This object/picture can be a cultural object, or something that you’ve discovered by living abroad, or something that you think has a fun story to share! An example: a Dutch person might bring klompen (wooden shoes) to show their culture! We are going to talk about each other’s objects and pictures in small groups and learn about our experiences and differences. It is important that you bring one so don’t forget!
Due to the Coronavirus the event will be online! We will send you the link of the meeting once signed up.
Hope to see you there!
Social Inclusion Committee 2020
12/11/2020 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.