Get ready for one of our most exciting and magical daytrips, cause the culture committee is taking you to one of our very own Dutch theme parks! Not just any theme park, but the biggest (of the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe!) and one of the most visited Some even call it the Dutch version of Disneyland. And it has something for everyone: from a Fairytale forest to lots of roller coasters (some less scary than others) and everything in between (a swinging ship, boat rides, a haunted house and LOTS more)! And the awesome part is that ESN Utrecht will provide tickets which include transportation and the entrance ticket to the park for even less than half of what you would normally pay if you go there on your own! We’ll also provide a day challenge for throughout the park with the option of winning prizes in the end! So get ready for a fun-filled day and get your tickets fast as we only have a limited amount!

The ticket sale for this daytrip will start soon, please note that you need an ESNcard to join this daytrip!

Tickets include:
- All transportation
- Entrance tickets to the Efteling theme park
- A fun day challenge

WHEN? 9 th of March
WHAT? A daytrip to the Efteling

09/03/2019 - 08:45