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Get ready for the ESN Theater Night! On the 3rd of May we'll go cultural with a special visit to silent theater play 'L.A. Play at Theater Kikker. Expect the unexpected! It will be surprising, funny and intense. It will be a play of little words, but grand performances. A real experience! 

About the L.A. Play | By Abattoir Fermé 
Abattoir Fermé explores the beastly and the beautiful in Los Angeles in The L.A. Play. A visit to the dream factory where high culture sits alongside low camp. A performance of few words (with a musical score by house composer Kreng) in which Abattoir takes us into the nocturnal universe of a destitute metropolis.

On Wednesday the 3rd of May Theater Kikker has a special offer for ESN students! For only €10 you can attend this exciting play including a special introduction only for ESN'ers! This is almost a 50% discount! 

19:30: gathering at Theater Kikker
19:45: short introduction about the play
20:00 start show
Tickets: €10 with ESN card
Start ticket sale: 19th of April at 13:00
Buy your tickets through this link:

About Abattoir Fermé
Abattoir Fermé is a professional theatre ensemble founded in 1999 and based in Mechelen (Belgium). Since 2006, critics and the general audience have come to characterize the company’s voice in terms of provocative, physical, sensorial, disturbing, highly visual and often with a dark sense of humour. Though always recognizable as the voice of the same ensemble, Abattoir Fermé’s productions can take on quite different forms: visual theatre, writing, film, opera, children’s plays, concerts and so on. Whatever the ‘genre’, the work remains consistent in its fascination for themes such as the metropolis, private backrooms, cinema, horror, the human body, the grotesque and burlesque, rituals, the enigma, the underground, outsiders and ‘all things deviant’. On the international scene, Abattoir Fermé became known for its ‘silent pieces’.

03/05/2017 - 19:30 to 22:00
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