Can you survive the Netherlands? Your Erasmus period has just started, but wouldn’t it be great that afterwards you can say: I survived the Netherlands!! 

We, the activities committee, proudly present the kick-off event of the semester: Survival!

Are you competitive, active, and not afraid of getting dirty? Then this activity is perfect for you! Together with your team, you will take on a varied obstacle course. Here you can test your skills from crawling to climbing. The only way to win is to work together. Be cunning and outsmart the other teams, work your way to the top and win the game! 

This activity will take place at a great location near the town of Ede. There we have two hours on the obstacle course. We will head there and back by touring car. Make sure you are already wearing old clothes! There are some changing rooms so afterwards you can change into clean, warm clothes. 

There are limited spots available so claim yours as quick as possible!

When you’ve done the survival games, the rest of the Netherlands will be a piece of cake! 

WHEN? September 20, 18.30-23.30
WHERE? Meeting 18.30 @Moreelse park (Catharijnesingel 62)
BRING? Warm clothes for the way back
PRICE? Only €14,- 

Buy your tickets here: 

Only one thing left to say, we will see you on the 20th of September for some fun and competition!

20/09/2018 - 18:30
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