We’ve prepared an original and adventurous activity you don’t want to miss!

We will be going to a secret forest nearby the city of Utrecht to play different team based games and a main game in which your solving skills will be tested. As the night falls you and your group will wonder in the woods using your flashlight in order to unravel a mystery gathering different clues.

If you think you have a secret detective hiding in you, don’t miss out what we’ve planned for you.

Tickets are available starting today! The activity is free but it is required to apply at the ESN office and get a ticket. No ticket means no entry!

18:30 at Stadion Galgenwaard (opposite to the BP gas station)


- Make sure to bring your cellphone. If you get lost you will always be able to contact us.
- Bring a rain jacket/warm clothing. In Holland you can never be sure about the weather.
- Don’t bring expensive electronics (such as laptops). We will be outside during the whole activity and therefore can’t guaranty safety of your belongings.
- Eat beforehand. We will only provide a drink
- Wear old clothes and shoes since you might get dirty.

29/09/2015 - 18:30