Time flies when you're having fun... We're almost at the end of this semester! Since we can't let you all go home again without seeing you for one more time, we invite you to one of our last activities: the goodbye dinner!

On the 18th of January we invite you all to have a 3 course dinner with us! Time to look back at what we have done this semester, be proud on what we accomplished, laugh about everything that happened to us and just enjoy each others company while having a lovely dinner!

For only 13 euros you can get your ticket to the goodbye dinner! This includes a 3 course meal, 4 drinks (beer/wine/soda) and a wonderful time! 

At the ticket shop you can choose what you want to eat: we have a meat option and a vegetarian option. Here, you can also let us know about your allergies. Please be aware that you will need your ESN card to get your ticket!

We hope to see you all at 20:00 on the 18th of January with your ticket at Oudegracht 59!

The Activities Committee

18/01/2018 - 20:00