It’s fun, it’s international, and it’s delicious!

Whether you are a foodie or you just want to socialize over some good food, join us for our first International Kitchen on 6th October at Stichting EMMA! 
International Kitchen is essentially a huge international potluck. All you need to do to participate is prepare food from your country for about 4-5 people (and of course enjoy other people’s food as well). The theme for our first International Kitchen is “Reach for the Rainbow”. Interpret it how you will. You could bring something with literally all the colours of the rainbow or you might decide to cook something colourful or you could even stick to one colour. Whatever you choose we’re sure it will be amazing! 

The Culture Committee will take care of the plates, cutlery, and drinks. 
Participation is free but you must sign-up by filling out an online form.

Date: 6th October
Time: 7pm
Location: Stichting EMMA (Cremerstraat 245-247)
Theme: Reach for the Rainbow
To-do: Prepare food from your country for about 4-5 people
Price: FREE but SIGN-UP here.

06/10/2015 - 19:00