Hello lovely people! It’s time for a new activity!!

Are you ready to show us your laser tag skills? Are you a real game player? Do you look great in a vest? Are you a pro in hide and seek? Are you as big of a fan of laser tag as Barney? Then this activity is gonna be legen…..wait for it….dary! (It’s also gonna be fun if you’re not a How I Met Your Mother fan :) )

There will be two shifts, so you will be playing two games each. In between the games, there will be a break to talk about your team-strategy (and re-organise). The location, Lasergame Utrecht, offers 600 square meters to run around and try to be the best team (or best player)! After the game, you’ll get a scorecard with both the scores of the teams as the scores for the best players. You’ll get a drink (on us!) after the game, so you’ll have some time to discuss your scores and laugh about the fun activity you just had!

Join this amazing activity for only 9,50! Ticket sale will go online 20.00 on the 19th of November! https://eventix.shop/6mvmqmtx

We hope to see you there!

03/12/2019 - 19:00
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