ESN Utrecht – Gala!

Hello everybody! The Gala Committee cordially invites you to the first ESN Utrecht Gala of the year. The Gala party will take place in Utrecht on the evening of May 12th. Get ready, wear some fancy clothes, and dance the night away 💃🕺 This year, our Gala event has the theme of Sparkles ✨💫 So… Continue reading ESN Utrecht – Gala!

ESN Utrecht – Open Mic!

After two great editions ESN Utrecht likes to invite you to the last open mic of this semester. Take this opportunity to perform, see your friends perform or to check out the ESN band which will play for the very last time! Come join us at ‘t Oude Pothuys on the 15th of May at… Continue reading ESN Utrecht – Open Mic!

ESN Utrecht – Potluck Picnic!

Hello everybody! We heard May 18th is going to have great weather, therefore, why not join us in the park for a fun picnic full of games! 🪁🏏🥏⚽ SICo welcomes you to a potluck picnic where you can contribute with your favourite (homemade or not) dish to be shared. What better way to introduce your… Continue reading ESN Utrecht – Potluck Picnic!

ESN Utrecht – Laser Tag!

Become the Lazer Game Champion! The Activities Committee is proud to bring you an event where you get to play the game of the future. Technology and fantasy come together to create Lazer Games. We’ll provide the infrared toy guns and other materials, some drinks and snacks, and you’ll embark on a lazer tag adventure.… Continue reading ESN Utrecht – Laser Tag!

ESN Utrecht – Live Music Cantus!

We are happy to joint activity between Music Club and Party Committee: Live Music Cantus 🎂🎈🎉 🎤🎸🎹🎵🎶 A cantus is a kind of 'table party' that is typically hosted by student societies in the Netherlands. All the participants sit around a large table and follow orders of the seniors, who are at the head of… Continue reading ESN Utrecht – Live Music Cantus!