Are you a fan of sleuthing? Solving mysteries like a detective? Big fan of Sherlock Holmes? 🕵‍♀🕵‍♂
Then join us for the Mystery Scavenger Hunt!
You and your team will be roaming the city of Utrecht whilst solving mysteries and completing challenges. The team who solved the most mysteries by the end of the game wins!
The game will be filled with twists and turns. You have to be extremely attentive, because it will cost you points if you’re not. Everything and anything can be clues. You have to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings. And your team will have to work very well together. By doing so you automatically get to know a lot of people and this beautiful city better!
After a hard couple of hours of solving puzzles and a great deal of teamwork, finish of the event with a couple of drinks on us!
Here the winners will be revealed and you can celebrate your victory with your team🥇
So are you interested in a night of fun, good company, sleuthing and drinks? Join us for the Mystery Scavenger Hunt!
The ticket sale will start soon!
02/10/2018 - 19:00