As it starts getting colder and colder in the Netherlands (up to degrees some of you never experienced before) we are getting ready for the third pubquiz of ESN! This time we are going back to the good old times, the years where everyone thought you were adorable, the year of tamagotchis and the spice girls; The 90's!. 
Put on your hotpants and come to our 90'S PUBQUIZ on November the 15th. 

The quiz will start at 21:00, but the doors will be open at 20:30 so you all can seat and hydrate yourselves. Don’t be late! otherwise the quiz will start without you and you won’t be able to win the incredible prices. 

You can sign up with a group of 5, but: every group member has to sign up individually! Of course you can sign up on your own or with fewer people; we will make a team for you! You don’t have to be an ESN member to join this event, so bring along all your friends! 

Sign up here!

15/11/2017 - 20:30