Have you ever wanted to climb in a country that is basically flat? Now you can! Do you like to be active, competitive and aren’t afraid of heights? Join ESN Utrecht at this cool sport!

Bouldering is a kind of indoor rock climbing. Everyone can do it! You don’t need to know how to secure ropes, because with bouldering is climbing without ropes. Of course, you'll be totally safe! The walls don’t go higher than 4 meters and there are big mats underneath to fall on. It is really easy to learn, but we do have arranged an instructor that will show you the tips and tricks of this amazingly fun Sport! At Energiehaven we have two hours to explore all the tracks! It is a very active sport, so make sure you bring some sports clothes! After a fun and sporty evening, it is possible to have a drink with everyone in the bar there ;)

There are only limited tickets available, so get yours soon!

WHEN? 20:00 Tuesday 19 February
WHERE? Boulderhal Energiehaven Utrecht
BRING? Your sports clothes ;)

19/02/2019 - 20:00