We would like to invite you to our weekend abroad to Brussels! On November 24th we will go visit our southern neighbours in Belgium, where we will have the time of our lives!

In Brussels there are two main spoken languages, namely Flemish and French. This being said, it could be that two neighbours speak a different language. If the one visits the other, they will talk in Flemish, vice versa they will talk in French! 

Next to this, Brussels has a lot of famous buildings and statues such as 'Manneke Pis' (The peeing boy) which we would like to show to you!

We will start the weekend on November 24th in Utrecht. We will gather at Catharijnesingel 61-63 at 17:30, make sure you are on time! At the end of the weekend filled with fun we will be back in Utrecht on November 26th around 18:00.

This once in a lifetime experience will only cost you €80,- and includes:
- Transportation to and from Brussels
- A two nights stay in a Hostel in the centre of Brussels
- Dinner on Saturday
- Breakfast & lunch on Saturday & Sunday
- A tour to the hotspots in the nightlife of Brussels
- A walk over the christmas market
- A visit to Brussels Atomium

You can buy your ticket over here. Be quick, there's only a limited amount of spots available! Please be aware that you will need an ESN card to claim your spot.

24/11/2017 - 17:30 to 26/11/2017 - 18:00