The Host Family Programme

Are you an international student?
Experience the real Dutch family life during your exchange! Maybe you’ve already settled
into Dutch student life in Utrecht and know a lot about this slightly crazy little country, but
what do you know about Dutch family culture? Or do you want to step out of your student
life bubble and experience a day in the life of a Dutch family? The Host Family Project is the
perfect way to find out what everyday Dutch family life is like, while staying with a family for
a day or a weekend! Experience the hospitality of a welcoming family and feel like a true
Dutchie for a day! You can sign up as an international student and ESN will help to find a
good match between students and host families.

International students can sign up here.

Would you like to host an international student?
With the ESN Host Family Project, we want to promote integration and cultural exchange
between international students and Dutch families. As a host family, you can invite just one
or multiple international students to you home for either a day or a weekend, it’s all up to
you! During this exchange you can give the students a taste of the Dutch family life and
make them more familiar with Dutch habits, food, games and hobbies, while also learning
about theirs. Students and families will be matched on several preferences, like the length of
the stay or the activities they would like to do. Families from all over the Netherlands are
welcome to apply and we are open to non-traditional ‘families’ like a group of students
from one house as well.

Sign up as a host here.

More information or want to sign up?
Do you want more information or do you want to sign up for the ESN Host Family Project?
Please do not hesitate to email us at: We will happily
answer your questions and provide you with more information!