ESN Utrecht publishes two different magazines for exchange students every year: the Exchange Magazine and the Abroad Magazine. 

The Exchange magazine is published at the beginning of each year and distributed at the two oriëntation days of the University of Utrecht to all the new incoming exchange students. It is filled with information about everything an exchange student should know to make a good start in Utrecht. Subjects range from the best spots in Utrecht to typical Dutch habits, practical information, first-hand experiences from other exchange students and of course some more information about everything that we as ESN Utrecht do. 

The Abroad magazine is the quarterly magazine of ESN Utrecht. Every ESN member receives this magazine for free throughout the year. This magazine is filled with all the tips and tricks to make the most of your time here in Utrecht, but you can also find reports about ESN activities, interviews, and other fun articles in it.


Exchange Magazines:

Edition 2017-2018

Edition 2016-2017


Abroad Magazines: 

Edition 4 2017-2018

Edition 3 2017-2018

Edition 2 2017-2018

Edition 1 2017-2018

Edition 4 2016-2017

Edition 3 2016-2017

Edition 2 2016-2017

Edition 1 2016-2017