We are a Christian international student community of 10 people (6 woman, 4 men) and we are living in the city centre of Utrecht, along the canal. The house has besides that a huge living room and garden. The house is mixed with half Dutch and half international people. We like to do activities together such as frequently eating with the people that are at home and other social activities. On Tuesday we have our weekly house dinner together and every first Saturday of the month we plan to do a social activity. For instance pooling, a pubquiz or pancakeparty. 
Do you want to join our community? You can send us an email on: rootedstudenthouse@gmail.com. We would like to get to know you!
Between January and April 2018 we are searching for 3 new housemates. Around Summer 2018 we expect to search again, and you can always contact us.