Do you play funky chords, slick beats or do you just love the microphone? Would you like to play together during ESN’s Open Mic Nights and other cool events? Then apply for the ESN band!
We’re specifically looking for a drummer, guitarist, and extra singers but other (solo) instruments are welcome too. Just send an email by the 30th of September to with the following info:

🎵 Your name
🎵 Instrument
🎵 Preferred genres
🎵 Experience (how long have you been playing, any band experience?)
🎵 A recording of yourself playing/singing a song you feel comfortable with

We’ll aim for weekly rehearsals and around 3 performances during the semester. Feel free to send an email if you have any questions! Deadline to apply is September 30.

Lots of love,

The ESN Utrecht Music Team