Every Tuesday night is ESN Student Night with beer, wine and soda for €1,90! The dancefloor is ours between 11.00 PM and 5.00 AM, and if you arrive before 0.30 AM, you can use your ESNcard to get 2 special ESN coins you can use for a free drink! Club Poema is the place to be every Tuesday!

Address: Drieharingstraat 22

UBN is your favorite employment agency in Utrecht and a way to earn some money next to your studies. You will notice that Utrecht offers you nice activities, bars and restaurants, but these won’t come cheap. You can either stop enjoying these or make some extra cash and enjoy your stay to the fullest! So If you need a easy and flexible job in Utrecht or surroundings, which pays you in a weeks time, walk into our office or call/text/WhatsApp to Alex Aguilera at  +316-12790605!

We are located on Biltstraat 22a.


Student Furniture Holland helps students out setting up their new room. There's no need to hire a mover, they deliver it on the day you arrive and pick it up on the day you leave. You can easily save up to €75,- a month!


Looking for a cosy café to have a special beer or enjoy the sun on the terrace while having lunch or dinner? Hofman is perfect for you! Your ESNcard gives you 15% discount on all your drinks and you receive a free coffee, tea or soda with your lunch. Hofman is located on one of the main squares of Utrecht: Janskerkhof. During the day you can sit under the trees and enjoy the peace away from the noise of the city, but in the weekends you can dance the night away in Hofman.

Furthermore, Hofman offers many living room concets and (English speaking) comedians. Hofman offers everything you are looking for during the day or the night!

Address: Janskerkhof 17a

Tivoli Vredenburg is Utrecht’s main cultural venue, a unique venue built for all kinds of music and entertainment. The large modern music palace harbours halls with perfect acoustics for hip hop, reggae, pop music, jazz, chamber music and dance, as well as cafes, bars, lounges and a restaurant. International acts like Sam Smith, Lorde, Major Lazer, and Placebo have rocked their House! And guess what: to them, you are not just anyone!

With your ESNcard you are in a privileged position: it grants you access to their weekly Pop-o-Matic student dance night on Thursdays and you get special deals throughout the year! For these deals Tivoli Vredenburg has build a special page where ESN members can get free tickets for many of their shows. Every ESN member can get 2 free concert tickets. Take a friend, roommate, ESN member... Whoever you like! There's a limited amount of tickets available: first come, first serve. You can choose one show per ESNcard, so choose wisely! 

Address: Vredenburgkade 11

Get your comfort food at Jacketz, they offer a great bar on the nicest square of Utrecht. Nighttime means a large craft beer selection, wines, funky cocktails and barfood. During the day our comfort food focusses on lunch dishes and great coffees. All accompanied by our Amsterdam famous baked potatoes. All week long, ESNcard holders will receive 10% discount on their bill at Jacketz.

Tuesday night = ESN night at Jacketz
Every Tuesday from lunch till close ESNcard holders will get:

  • a weekly Jacketz Classic for only 10 Euro  
  • a Kopstoot (Gulpener Pils with classic Wynand Fockink Jenever) for 5 Euro 
  • and the usual 10% on your bill


Address: Korte Minrebroederstraat 11

At this gym you can get a special, 4 months ESN gym subscription with a big discount (over 25%!) or a 20x check-in card. This gym offers a great variety of sports and fitness and is one of the most luxurious and professional gyms in Utrecht! It is also located at one of the most central spots in Utrecht: de Oudegracht. So there is no excuse anymore not to work out! The Workout is the perfect way to stay in shape during your stay in Utrecht.

Address: Oudegracht 41

Want a drink in a relaxed environment with a view at the Dom? Try Bar walden! Your ESNcard gets you 20% off any drink you order! Bar Walden is located right next to the Dom and is one of the most popular spots for students in Utrecht.

Address: Domplein 16

Get the second hour of playing pool for free with your ESNcard!

At this cool-looking venue you can play pool, billiards, shuffle board and laser tag all under one roof. The second hour of playing pool is free if you show your ESNcard from Monday - Wednesday all day and on Thursday and Friday until 18:00. The discount is not valid during the weekend and during Christmas break. Have fun!

You can find Ozebi at: Biltstraat 4, Utrecht.

Too lazy to cook, but still want to eat healthy? Use your ESNcard to get 10% off your order at Eazie during the week and get 20% discount during the weekends! Eazie offers Asian dishes, salads, wraps and smoothies. Eazie makes healthy fresh food easy and fast! Take-away is also possible. Please note that the deal is only valid at the location at Voorstraat, and not at other locations of Eazie.

Address: Voorstraat 8