Esther is the Partnership Manager of the 32nd Board of ESN Utrecht. The main task of the Partnership Manager is to coordinate partnerships. This includes maintaining relationships with current partners and acquiring new partners. Next to this, the Partnership Manager coordinates both the Introduction Committee and the Party Committee.

Two years ago, Esther went on exchange herself to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Because she had an amazing time there and was warmly welcomed by ESN Ljubljana, she joined ESN Utrecht when she came back with the internal motivation to give the internationals in Utrecht the same experience she had in Ljubljana. She joined the Career Committee of 2020-2021, which suits her background since she studied a bachelor Human Resource Management. After finishing her Bachelor she successfully completed a Premaster Management of Cultural Diversity. Because Esther wanted to get more involved in ESN Utrecht and therefore also in the ESN Network, she applied to join the Board.

If you love horses, are addicted to cheese and therefore want a city tour through Gouda or if you are desperate to find someone to join you for a run, you can contact Esther via Furthermore, you can always contact her if you have any questions or anything to discuss pertaining to our partners!