Student Info

Moving to Utrecht and getting started!

ESN Utrecht is a student organisation for ALL international students in Utrecht. On these pages, you can find several topics relevant to international students coming or living here. Join our Facebook Group or one of our WhatsApp Groups (first group, second group and info chat) for the year 2023/2024! In these groups, we’ll keep you posted with news and updates about our activities! And this is a platform for international students to meet each other too.

Semester planner!

Stay tuned for the semester planner for the upcoming semester! For now, check out our semester planner for our previous semester to get an idea about what kind of activities we organise!

We are excited to see you there and meet all of you!

Pre-Departure Mentor Programme

Before you arrive in the Netherlands, you can join our Pre-Departure Mentor Programme, where you will be linked directly to an Utrecht-based mentor. They can answer questions you may have about life in the Netherlands, Dutch study culture, where to do sports or find the best café!

Arrival Assistance

Are you planning on studying in Utrecht? Amazing! We’d love to help you out on your first day in the Netherlands. That is why we organise the Arrival Assistance in collaboration with the SSH Accommodations.

Introduction Week

Are you coming to Utrecht as an exchange or full degree student and are you looking for the best way to start your time abroad? Then the ESN Introduction Week is just the event for you! At the beginning of every semester we organise an Introduction Week  for all international students!


It can be difficult to find the right place for your stay in Utrecht. Therefore, we set up a list of housing tips for you to find accommodation.


Already found a room? Congratulations! Your room would not be finished without furniture. Our partner Swapcouch gives the opportunity to rent furniture to make your room complete.


If you have any troubles with your room or your landlord you can contact ISHA. This organisation gives advises on room related issues and could refer you to the right address for help. 

Dutch Language Course

Especially for you, ESN Utrecht and Career Services have set up a Dutch Course. A basic level of Dutch is convenient in your daily life and essential if you are considering a career in the Netherlands.

Our course is very practically oriented, you will learn some useful words and sentences about a different theme every week. For example: introducing yourself, family, getting around, food, or holidays and traditions. Get ready to impress your friends! 

Start up your career!

After an exchange or study in the Netherlands you might think of also finding a job here. On this page you can find links to websites that might be useful at the different stages of the job search. This goes from the “getting to know yourself” phase to some rules and regulations about actually working here.

Health and Wellbeing

For ESN Utrecht it is very important to help international students take into account all the physical, social, intellectual and psychological factors that determine well-being and which are inevitably put to the test during their stay abroad. 


Both physical as well as mental wellbeing are crucial ingredrients for a successful and pleasant student life. Knowing this, we offer various forms of wellbeing support and resources to help you get the most out of your student life.


If you want to stay updated on Dutch news, specifically regarding the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands, you can take a look at NOS in English (Facebook). This initiative is set up by Dutch students from University College Utrecht who want to provide their fellow non-Dutch speaking students and other internationals with translations of news articles and programs currently unavailable in English.

In case you would like to schedule a PCR Test or  Vaccination, you can call 030 630 54 00. Does your QR code not work?  Call 030 800 28 99!