Health and Wellbeing

For ESN Utrecht it is very important to help international students take into account all the physical, social, intellectual and psychological factors that determine well-being and which are inevitably put to the test during their stay abroad. Health and Well-being encompasses several issues that are very important for those of us who are part of ESN Utrecht. From promoting physical activity and sports, to ensuring the mental health and happiness of volunteers and international students.


Both physical as well as mental wellbeing are crucial ingredrients for a successful and pleasant student life. Knowing this, we offer various forms of wellbeing support and resources to help you get the most out of your student life.

Where to go when I feel overwhelmed?

ESN Utrecht confidant

ESN Utrecht has assigned two people who are there to assist, inform, guide, and support you whenever you encounter any problems that you want to discuss with them. If you ever feel the need to talk to someone about personal or confidential matters, you can always reach out to the ESN Utrecht confidant Sonja van de Wetering. You can contact her via to discuss any personal or confidential matters.

ESN Utrecht confidential advisor

If you feel more comfortable talking to someone outside of the Executive Board, you can reach out to our confidential advisor. For example, if someone wishes to point out the misconduct of a board member or a volunteer, if someone feels disadvantaged by a board member or volunteer or if someone sees something happening within our organisation that is not ethical and/or legally justified, he or she can contact ESN Utrecht’s confidential advisor Lucie Šanderová. You can contact her via to talk about anything that you do not want to discuss with any of the board members.


Both the confidant and the confidential advisor can be reached by anyone involved in the ESN Utrecht network, meaning they are the point of contact for both volunteers as well as other ESNcard holders. In addition, both of them work with a duty of confidentiality, which means that he/she are not allowed to speak about your report unless you have requested this. Information is kept strictly confidential and nothing happens without you not knowing about it.


The government’s guidelines are clear on how to deal with the consequences of this crisis: Stay in touch, keep sharing and talking about it. Don’t know who with? Do you enjoy having a few conversations with the same person? Are you looking for a listening ear? Thanks to a collaboration between the Red Cross and coaching agency Blijf Overeind, you can reach out to Stayresilient and one of their 36 certified coaches, who are ready to stand by to keep you resilient. More information on how to make an appointment can be found on their website.   

ESN Running Club

Stay fit with ESN!

Since the COVID-19 crisis started we have been confronted with hard times. Not being motivated, lazy, and a bit down are some of the many feelings we might be experiencing. Thus, thinking of ways to help the mental and physical health of all students, ESN Utrecht decided to launch the ESN Running Club. The aim of the club is to provide nice runs where students can release their stress and anxiety and, of course, meet new people.