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Living in Utrecht

Sports in the Netherlands

How do you stay healthy during your student life?
What you eat is important, but at the same time, exercise is an important part of your health.
If you are in the Netherlands, you might want to try some of the traditional and popular Dutch sports! But what are the famous sports in the Netherlands?
In this article, we will tell you about some of the best sports in the Netherlands and how you can participate!

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ESN Utrecht Haunted Places
Living in Utrecht

Utrecht’s Haunted Places

Utrecht is an ancient city. That means there has been plenty of time for people to die and ghosts to move into cellars and other abandoned places. With its buildings from the Middle Ages, it’s cobblestoned streets, and its hidden alleyways, Utrecht is the perfect setting for terrifying horror stories. You can easily find loads of haunted places, if you know where to look. In this blog, we’ll tell you where to find some of the most infamous ones.

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