Terms of Service - ESN Utrecht

Article 0. Applicability

0.1 These terms are applicable for ESNcard holders participating in any event organised, hosted or otherwise facilitated by ESN Utrecht with the exception of ESN Student Night.

0.2 An ESNcard holder is a Committee Member/Guide/Mentor of ESN Utrecht or an international student following one or multiple courses at one of Utrecht’s higher educational institutions or following an internship in the Netherlands.

Article 1. Definitions

1.1 In these terms, ESN Utrecht consists of members of the executive board and committee members organising the event concerned.

1.2 In these terms, an ESNcard holder is a participant (See Article 1.2 for specifics of an ESNcard holder.

1.3 In these terms, an event is every activity organized by ESN Utrecht for participants.

1.4 In these terms a seller is a participant who sells a ticket to another participant.

1.5 In these terms a purchaser is a participant who buys a ticket off a seller.

Article 2. Ticket Sale Policy

2.1 ESN Utrecht will only consider reimbursing a participant under extraordinary circumstances. These extraordinary circumstances are discussed by the executive board on a case by case basis. The decision will be final and not open for discussion.

2.2. It is mandatory for a purchaser to communicate that they bought a ticket from a seller to info@esn-utrecht.nl. If this is not done the purchaser is not permitted to participate in the event. This allows us to alter the information in our ticket system.

2.2.1 ESN Utrecht is not responsible if the purchaser does not transfer the money to the seller.

2.2.2 ESN Utrecht is not responsible for fake tickets

2.3 If a participant loses their ESNcard they can purchase a new one for €1.50 at the ESN Utrecht office. The participant must be able to prove that an ESNcard was previously purchased by showing the confirmation email.

2.4 An ESNcard is required for any paid ESN Utrecht event unless stated otherwise

2.5 Only one ticket can be bought for every ESNcard unless stated otherwise.

2.6 An ESNcard purchased from any organisation outside of ESN Utrecht, whether affiliated with ESN Netherlands or not, will not grant access to any event of ESN Utrecht.

2.7 An ESNcard is valid for one year after the date of purchase.

Article 3. Event obligations

3.1 It is forbidden for participants to bring and use fireworks, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects and/or drugs to an event. ESN Utrecht will determine whether an object is dangerous or not.

3.1.2 Alcohol is forbidden unless specifically stated otherwise.

3.2 Participants are obligated to obey the directions and/or regulations expressed by ESN Utrecht, its organising partners, venue staff, the security guards or any other authority. Should a participant not comply with these directions and/or regulations, or should he or she be guilty of endangerment, intoxication, threatening and/or violence, the participant can be refused entry to present and future ESN Utrecht events.

Article 4. Circumstances beyond control

4.1 ESN Utrecht reserves the right to reschedule an event to an earlier/later date or to cancel it in the case of any circumstances beyond the control of ESN Utrecht such as strikes, fire, weather conditions, and instructions by government authorities or people.

4.2 ESN Utrecht reserves the right to reschedule an event when they see fit, due to financial constraints or other circumstances

Article 5. Liability and damage

5.1 ESN Utrecht will only accept liability and consequential reimbursement of any damages to the extent that is covered by ESN Utrecht’s insurer.

5.2 Participants will be held liable for all the damage under any circumstance for the occasion of or concerning the (build-up or break-down of an) event, caused by the participants to other visitors of the event, to employees, to possessions of ESN Utrecht, third parties hired by ESN Utrecht, to the location or any accessory of the locations of the event, or to anything else that is in the location of the event.

5.3 The participant will indemnify ESN Utrecht from any claims from third parties concerning damage that was caused by a participant.

5.4 In the case of conflict between the Terms of Service of ESN and a the Terms of Service of a host of the event, the Terms of Service of the host take precedence.

Article 6. Copyright

6.1 ESN Utrecht is permitted to take photos and/or films of an event to post on its social media or for the purpose of promoting.

6.1.1 Upon entering an event’s location, the participant and any other volunteers in service of ESN Utrecht give permission to publish these promotional images.

6.2 ESN Utrecht holds the copyright to photos and/or videos of an event that are published. All photos and or videos ESN Utrecht takes are intellectual property of ESN Utrecht and cannot be altered without the explicit consent of ESN Utrecht.

6.3 ESN Utrecht holds the right to remove photos and/or movies of an event that are published. Photos and/or movies of an event will only be placed after careful examination.

6.4 Any person depicted in the photos and/or movies has the right to request the removal of said published material.


Written by the 2018-2019 Executive Board of Stichting Erasmus Student Network Utrecht


Date: 21-09-2018                Location: Utrecht, Netherlands


President, Kristiana Stoyanova

Secretary, Benice Feij

Treasurer, Cecilia Catanzano

Partnership Manager, Janna Colen

PR Coordinator, Herjo de Jong

Integration Coordinator, Guusje Hoogendoorn