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About our Committees

ESN Utrecht consists of 11 committees. These committees have different responsibilities. Some organise activities, others keep internationals up to date, promote ESN or keep the overview of the organisation. Here you can find information about each committee. Committee spots open at the beginning of each academic year. However, we start looking for committee members at the end of the previous academic year. We have closed committee applications for this semester, but you can join our interest list for the second semester!

Activities Committee

Join and organise fun and sporty events!

The Activities Committee (also known as AC) is in charge of organising multiple evening events throughout the year, combining sportive with fun aspects. This way, they bring international students together in a social, sportive and fun way. Some great examples are laser tag, night canoeing, salsa dancing, bouldering, ice-skating, bubble soccer and a prison escape!

Besides organising the sportive evening activities, they also set up everything for a weekend abroad to one of our neighbour countries twice a year! Cities that we visited in the past years are Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Brugge, Luxembourg and Cologne. These weekends are there to let the internationals get in touch with Belgian and/or German culture while doing social activities, a city tour (or by boat) and discover the nightlife together.

The committee consists of around 6-8 people and is coordinated by the Secretary of the board. Together they work out all the preparational details for each event and at the event itself, they make sure everything runs smoothly. Meetings take place once a week.

Alumni Committee

Join and organise VrijMiBo's for alumni!

The Alumni Committee (also known as AlCo) consists of people who have been active within ESN Utrecht for a few years and together they are responsible for the (online) archive of our section. They make sure that everything ESN does and learns over the years is not lost for new board and committee members. The AlCo also is in charge of organising special events and the monthly ‘vrijmibo’ for alumni and current committee members. Besides this, they also create the ESN Yearbook. Finally, the AlCo sets up the ESN elections, where awards like Mr. and Miss ESN are chosen among committee members.

Career Committee

Join and organise career events!

The Career Committee (CaCo) helps those students who would like to start an international career. Its target audience is both international and Dutch students. The activities organised by the CaCo are focused on giving the students the tools and information they need to start an international career in the Netherlands. This is done by giving them workshops and the opportunity to ask questions in Q&A sessions and panel discussions. Moreover, the opportunity is offered to connect with recruiting agencies and companies through networking drinks. The goal of the CaCo is to familiarise students with the concept of an international career. The CaCo is the first committee in ESN Utrecht organising events of such character.

Culture Committee

Join and organise cultural day trips and events!

The Culture Committee helps international students to get to know all the ins and outs about the Dutch culture. They do so by organising several activities throughout the year, from city trips to several stunning cities in the Netherlands and organising a weekend to fully discover a part of the Netherlands to a typical Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ evening. 

All activities aim at giving international students the opportunity to get to know more about the Dutch history, traditions and natural and cultural heritage. The Culture Committee will guide the international students by their hands and make sure that they will get to know everything about this wonderful country.

The Culture Committee consists of a maximum of 8 members and is coordinated by the Integration Coordinator. Together the committee is in charge of planning and organising the best day trips and weekends away. Joining the committee is also a perfect opportunity to discover parts of the Netherlands you might have never been to yourself yet.

Internal Events Committee

Join and organise events for all our volunteers!

The Internal Events Committee organises events, especially for other ESN volunteers! The committee consists of 8 enthusiastic members that meet up weekly to create amazing activities and have fun together. 

By organising different activities for our committee members, we can create a strong bond as a group and all members are rewarded for their own hard work within the network! 

Do you have any tips for activities you would like to see, do you have a question, or just want to send us a message? You can reach us at [email protected].

Introduction Committee

Join and organise events our Introduction Week!

The Introduction Committee is responsible for organising the Introduction Period at the beginning of each semester and welcoming all new international students to Utrecht! The first Introduction Period takes place at the beginning of September and the second introduction in February. 

The Introduction Period consists of an Introduction Week to make new friends and experience all the different events ESN Utrecht has to offer. Together with the Party Committee, a big Introduction Party is also organised twice a year. The Introduction Period is the best way to make new friends and get to know Utrecht!

The preparations for the introduction in September start before most of the other committees are even put together and the committee members work hard during their summer break in order to give the new international students a great start of their stay in Utrecht! In the second semester they use their experience to organise another great Introduction Period in February, for the international students who are arriving then.

You can apply for next year’s Introduction Committee here!

Journalism Committee

Join and help us create content for our ESN Utrecht Blog, our Welcome Magazine and our podcast!

The Journalism Committee is one of the most creative committees of ESN Utrecht. This team of enthusiastic people will make sure to cover everything you need to know before coming to this amazing student city. They do this by creating original content for the ESN Utrecht Blog, as well as our Welcome Magazine and the ESN U Abroadcast. They will make sure that everyone gets the most out of their time abroad.


On the blog, you can find a range of informative topics for preparing your move to Utrecht, having an amazing time while living here and how to keep that Erasmus feeling. You will find articles such as: Do you really need a bike? Which hidden places to visit in Utrecht? Articles about how to celebrate events such as Kings Day, Liberation day, Carnaval, Sinterklaas and Christmas, etc. They will keep you up to date on all the ins and outs of our city. And they will explain the Dutch culture. Lastly, they want to share inspiring interviews about experiences of other international students and even some videos. 


The committee consists of writers, editors, reporters, content creators and graphic designers. With a group of 6-8 people they try to create a platform on which important information and different cultures are exchanged. Every committee member gives their own twist to it and there is a lot of space for creative freedom!


We are always looking for new stories to share! You can provide the team with valuable first-hand information. Become a guest writer, we are always looking for more people! To get in touch, please send an email to [email protected]

Party Committee

Join and organise all our fun parties!

The Party Committee of ESN Utrecht is in charge of organising all (themed) parties and special Tuesday night activities! The creative party people in this committee know how to transform Club Poema into the craziest themes and events.


Show your skills at the beer pong tournament. Enter the arcade evening for some Mario Kart, Poker, Jenga, Twister and other Dutch games. Or creep out during the Halloween theme party! Furthermore, you can experience one of the most famous Dutch student traditions: a cantus. This truly something you have to experience while living in the Netherlands! And, these are only some examples of the crazy night events you can expect this year in Club Poema, the sky’s the limit!


The Party Committee consists of a maximum of 8 members and is coordinated by the Partnership Manager of the board. Together, they make sure everyone will have a night to remember!

Promo Committee

Join and help us promote ESN Utrecht!

The Promo Committee takes care of promoting ESN Utrecht through creating brand awareness all around Utrecht. They make sure everyone knows ESN. The Committee also makes ESN look it’s best by creating original visual content. This group of highly creative people does everything from making videos, taking pictures at ESN event, creating appealing designs to setting up new projects.

Every year the Committee focuses on new projects, with which they help the Communication Manager to achieve multiple goals. During the last years, they promoted the committees of ESN,  made sure our introduction looks the best through an aftermovie, additionally took pictures at events, created a map for incoming students, designed flyers and posters or worked on a project about showing the humans of ESN on our social media channels. Anything is possible!

The Promo Committee consists of 6-8 people who start off each year with a big brainstorm. When the goals are set, they will work on a few projects together and try to promote ESN in the best way possible. In this committee there is a lot of space to try out different things, to learn new skills and to develop your creativity. 

Pub Quiz Committee

Join and organise our monthly Pub Quiz!

The Pub Quiz Committee of ESN Utrecht is in charge of organising the monthly pub quiz. Not only do they host the night, they also come up with all of the questions and keep track of the scores!

Feel free to sign up for our pubquizzes, because they are open for everyone! The Pubquiz Committee will ensure you have a lot of fun, meet new people and of course you have the chance of winning some nice prizes! You can sign up each month as a group or as an individual.

The Pub Quiz Committee has 8 members and they  meet every week to come up with challenging questions and fun interactive games. Secretly the weekly meetings are a good excuse to catch up and have a nice dinner together.

Social Inclusion Committee

Join and help us boost participation and social engagement of international students!

The Social Inclusion Committee (previously known as the Integration Committee) organizes activities aimed at widening the participation and social engagement of international students. The focus also lies on the integration of international students within the Dutch local community.


The committee is responsible for organising activities that aim to involve young citizens in volunteering activities, as well as social inclusion related events. Through these activities, international students are given the opportunity to meet other international students and local Dutch people, while making a positive change into Dutch society. Next to this, the committee is in charge of the Erasmus in Schools project. Examples of activities are a game night with InclUUsion, a movie night with UNICEF and International Dinners.


The Social Inclusion Committee consists of a maximum of 8 members and is coordinated by the Integration Coordinator. Together the committee comes up with activities and looks into partners to organise them with or for.