Music Team

ESN Band

The ESN band consists of international students and experienced ESN volunteers. New singers and musicians arrive each semester, and some of course also leave Utrecht again, making the ESN band a very dynamic and diverse group. The band makes sure the ESN Open Mic nights end with a bang, performing songs that makes the audience sing and dance along. During the last few years, the ESN band has also collaborated with the Party Committee to organise an amazing cantus with live music.

Interested in joining the ESN band or want more information? See our Facebook post or send an email to [email protected].

Music team

The music team is a group of music enthusiasts who organize the Open Mic nights, lead the ESN band, and help to arrange live music during other ESN events such as the Introduction day. Most of their work is done behind the scenes, in collaboration with the integration coordinator of the board of ESN Utrecht. However, you’ll see them in action during the Open Mic nights, where they make sure the evening runs smoothly and everyone gets a chance to take the stage.

Running Team

Stay fit and join our Running Team!

The Running Team is a group of volunteers enthusiastic about running and keeping fit. They bring together members of the ESN Running Club. The Running Club helps international students find running buddies and discover new running routes in and around Utrecht. The Running Team engages the group in running activities and organises running-related events; you can think of a running clinic or a race! You can contact them via this email address: [email protected].